Gingivectomy and Veneers

Andee D., a successful 31 year old attorney, came to our office complaining that she’s had bonding done over and over and she thinks it’s time for a more “professional look.” She was so happy with her smile she asked us to share it with the world.

IMG_1881 IMG_1880

Her gums/gingiva contours were not ideal, and her teeth seemed short and small. The problem could not be fixed by lengthening her teeth from the bottom edge because it would result in a huge overbite. We recommended that we re-contour her gums with a laser procedure called a gingivectomy. This procedure has minimal to no post op pain and is completed at ease. The gingivectomy solved that issue by removing excessive gum tissue that was hiding her teeth.

IMG_1916 IMG_1917 IMG_1955

After gingivectomy she was given temporary veneers. The temporaries are like instant veneers!!!! She received veneers in the nick of time, right before New Years Eve!! The contact-lens thin e-max porcelain veneers were applied, giving her the natural looking veneers she asked for.