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veneersveneer-before-after-melissa When it comes to cosmetics, Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani has the eye and hands to create the greatest smile one can have. Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani is well versed and trained to perform the best cosmetic dentistry. As a matter of fact, Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani was trained by the inventor of the first permanently cemented Veneers, Dr. John Calamia, who was the pioneer who came up with the way porcelain can be bonded to a tooth. Furthermore, Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani has taken numerous hours of continuing educational courses, and has researched different types of veneers and porcelains to be able to help patients decide what is best for them. We do every and all veneer procedures in our office. The outcome of each procedure is thoroughly explained to each patient.

Several types of veneers exist depending on the result the patient wants. We have Lumineers, which are made by DenMat Laboratories, also known as “No Shots, No Drilling Veneers.” Our house laboratory, InDent Dental Lab with our “Smile Magician” Vahgn McChyan has created his own thin “No Shots, No Drilling” veneers that are actually thinner, stronger, and more aesthetically pleasing than lumineers! We also have traditional feldspathic porcelain veneers that require at least 1mm of reduction of the tooth because the veneer is at least 1mm thick.

veneer-before-after-tranOne must understand what a veneer is and how it works to understand what will work for them. A veneer is adding a layer of porcelain to the front surface (facial surface) of a tooth from the gum line down to the edge. If a person already has a very large bulky tooth, then adding even the thinnest hair of a veneer to the tooth without shaving it down will make it even bulkier. Sometimes, we can mask that. We can place a veneer on all the teeth so that they are all equal in bulkiness, so that none of the teeth look bulky. They will all look even. This is like frosting a cake. The frosting on a cake looks perfectly even, but the cake under is not so even. Where there is a smaller tooth, we add more porcelain, whereas a bigger tooth will require less porcelain. For people who do not want to do any shaving of their teeth, they may want to consider veneering more than just two teeth.

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