General Dentistry

As a general dentist, I am a primary health care provider. This is because more people go to the dentist regularly than a family medical practitioner. Less people get annual physicals than routine dental cleanings and check-up. For this reason, at our office we treat patients as a whole rather than just their teeth. Furthermore, many diseases have their first signs and symptoms in the oral cavity and for this very reason, we make sure to pay very close attention to every little detail of our patients. For example, a patient who is undiagnosed for diabetes can present with alcohol on their breath.

General Dentistry is a very vague term. General Dentistry can mean different things to different dentists. To some dentists it means they only do cleanings and fillings, and a prosthodontist should do crowns. Other general dentists place implants, complete root canals, do veneers, see pediatric patients, do braces, and etc. A general dentist can do any procedure so long as they can do it successfully. A good general dentist knows their limits of what they can and can’t complete successfully, and proudly refers to specialists. At our office patients have the luxury of having a very skilled dentist, who has specialists practicing under the same roof. Some of the verbs patients use to describe are: Honest, cutting edge, advanced, very thorough, and fair. The Following pages under general dentistry have been written by myself (Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani) to help answer any “general dentistry” questions one may have.