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  • I used to have a gummy smile but thanks to Dr. Kahen Kashani now I have a smile that I’ve always dreamed of. I’m so glad that he advised me to have gingevectomy, instead of going through the more pricey and invasive procedure of crown lengthening. After gingevectomy, he did veneers on my four incisors. And now I’m in love with my new look and I admire the great work he has done!

    Lasting Impressions Dental Spa - Encino, CA, United States


    Renia K

    Glendale, CA

  • Wow! This truly is a “SPA” version of dentists.
    Dr. Isaac is a great person, very knowledgeable, professional and he makes you feel comfortable and makes a lot of time for you. He goes out of his way to make your experience the best and has a great staff around him. The offices feel really tranquil and are very clean. I came to him for an emergency root canal and a cavity. My regular dentist is in The Netherlands, so I had to find someone here in the US. Dr. Isaac and his staff took great care of me. I didn’t feel any pain during the treatment. Which, considering my experiences before was a first. I’m not a big fan of anything dental related, but the idea of a root canal really scared me. His bedside manners are awesome, and funny!

    Very good experience, and would highly recommend!

    Ingmar V.

    Los Angeles, CA

  • I recently switched dentists to Dr. Kahen Kashani after being convinced and referred by a friend. And boy can I say goodbye to my old dentist! Dr. Kahen Kashani gave me one of my most comfortable dentist experiences ever. He likes to make his patients feel comfortable and really knows what he’s doing.

    On top of all that. I love how he goes out of his way to make sure he’s giving you treatment in the *greenest* way possible. I’m kind of a tree hugger so that’s a plus in my book.

    I urge u to go on and give this place a chance. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

    Arya H.


  • I loved my experience at the Lasting Impressions Dental Spa! I first went to this place through a Groupon for a Teeth Whitening in March 2013 and have since been back for a teeth cleaning. Dr. Kahen Kashani is very professional, personable and makes you feel very comfortable during the whole experience. I would definitely recommend Lasting Impressional Dental Spa to my family and friends!

    Olga K.


  • Great friendly service. Dr. Kahen Kashani was very gentle, and made me feel safe and part of the process. Will use him again not only for myself, but family and friends.

    Dan S.


  • Very clean and beautiful atmosphere. I initially was referred by a friend and then I ended up taking my kids to this place as well. I have tried a few pediatric dentist in Encino, and even some dentist in sherman oaks and my kids did not want to go back. My kids love Dr. Kashani Kashani and his staff. Surprisingly, they get excited about their routine appointments each and every time!

    Janet P.


  • My mom always said, when you find a dentist you trust, hang onto them for dear life. A trusted friend recommended Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani to me after the dentist that was covered by my insurance recommended a root canal on one of my teeth. I went to Dr. Kahen Kashani for a second opinion and he saved the tooth from a root canal with an inlay and handled another cavity that needed work as well. He is truly easy to talk to and very thorough with his examinations and explains any concerns so that the patient understands and takes an active roll in their own dental care.

    I highly recommend Dr. K to friends and family. Even for those that already have a dentist, having a trusted source for a second opinion is a huge relief. I’ve had friends go for free consultations to the office, and they’re always glad they did. Really happy to have a trusted dentist in my life now.

    Shaden T.


  • I had a pleasant experience when I first visited Dr. Kahen Kashani, he is very friendly. Has steady hand and he is very concerned with making the process as quick and painless possible.

    Kev H.


  • Fantastic friendly smiling service!! I’m one of those people that would find any excuse in the world to avoid the dentists office but in the past 2 years I’ve gone to 4 different dentists/orthodontist Dr. Kahen Kashani is thus far the most professional, gentle, and caring doctor. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 🙂

    Yassi S.


  • Forever my new dentist ! I went in for a cleaning and check up, after 3 years of neglecting my teeth. My teeth feel very very very clean! Alex, the assistant was also VERY kind and made sure I was extra comfortable. I definitely recommend trying this dentist out! I promise you will not regret it!

    Lourdes V.


  • This review is long over due. I’ve been going to Dr. Kahen Kashani for almost a year and have referred two of my co-workers already. His staff is wonderful and have always made me feel like a special patient. The waiting room, bathroom, and patient rooms are always clean & tidy. You have the option of comforting music or tv while you get your teeth cleaned. First time I’ve experienced hot wax paraffin while visiting my dentist. Alex will even make your own personal music playlist if you ask nicely;) He also does a great job of cleaning your teeth and taking painless x-rays.

    They will even text you reminders for your appointment the next day. I appreciate this service as texting is so much easier than listening to long voicemails. Not many dentist offices are open after 4pm and have Saturday appointments. Dr. Kahen Kashani and his team is more than willing to accommodate your schedule. I highly recommend him as your next dentist!

    Brigette R.


  • Dr. Kahen Kashani at lasting impressions is the absolute best! I wanted to post a review earlier, but for some odd reason my previous account was locked. No one is ever a fan of the dentist, but It can’t be denied that Dr. Kahen Kashani and his staff implement top-tier service and customer care into their work. He knows I absolutely despise shots and numbing medication, yet makes it comfortable and guides me through the entire process.

    I am yet to feel it one time! I have had my wisdom teeth taken out here, old hack jobs corrected, and just about everything else your friendly neighborhood dentist offers..and at a very competitive and attractive price! Work with someone like Dr. Kahen Kashani who knows how to keep you smiling!

    Seeno S.


  • Love Dr. Kahen Kashani!

    I have had really bad dentists for the past 15 years and they all kept trying to up-sell me on expensive services I didn’t need. Well, Dr. Kahen Kashani is so honest and caring plus as a bonus he is a great dentist, so I feel safe in his care. This is the first time in 2 decades that I can actually recommend a dentist to my friends. Even making and confirming an appointment is a breeze.

    Zsuzsanna O.


  • Same day appointment!

    I couldn’t believe it when I called on New Year’s Eve asking if I could get an appointment for a cleaning when the receptionist asked me to hold then a few seconds later the actual doctor got on the phone to say, “Sure, we’ll squeeze you in.”

    I was floored to not only get a same day appointment but also that the doctor came on the phone. This is after calling around to several different dental offices who told me the soonest I could get an appointment was in 2 weeks.

    This place took my Humana Dental PPO which covered everything above and beyond. I got a thorough deep teeth cleaning including my gums and xrays.

    Dr. Kahen Kashani was personable and very knowledgable about the health of my teeth and gums.

    My experience was top notch.

    Jennifer C. L.


  • Dr. Kahen Kashani is the best made feel comfortable. His assistant Alex was great! I broke my tooth and they replaced it with a crown you can tell at all no pain and fast service I’m so happy with their service!

    Carla L.