Are you behind on your dental visits? Are you being driven in by a toothache, dental problem or guilt? There are some options to keep teeth healthy and beautiful. Here we talk about one of the newer dental care procedures and techniques that leading dentists are bringing into their practices. Tooth cavity detection has always been advancing. When the cavity detection is done right, the treatment will be done in its most accurate way.  Traditionally, dentists use “explorer” to find cavities. That’s the instrument they poke around with in your mouth during a checkup. When it “sticks” in a tooth, they look closer to see if they find decay.

Cavity Detection in Lasting Impressions Dental Spa

In Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, we always take advantage of latest technologies. Many dentists are now switching to the diode laser, a higher-tech option for detecting and removing cavities. The laser can be used to determine if there is decay in the tooth. The dentist can then choose to watch the tooth, comparing the levels at the next visit, or advise that the cavity be removed and the tooth filled.

How does it work?

When healthy teeth are exposed to the wavelength of the diode laser, they don’t glow or fluoresce, so the reading on the digital display is low. But decayed teeth glow in proportion to the amount of decay, resulting in higher readings on the display.

Lasting Impressions Dental Spa” has modern facilities to make sure the patients experience the most accurate cavity detection that will help them have the properest treatment.

The diode laser doesn’t always work with teeth that already have fillings, but for other teeth, it could mean earlier detection of cavities. Note also that the diode laser does not replace X-rays; it detects decay in grooves on the chewing surface, while bite-wing X-rays can find decay between and inside teeth.