The pain of having to go through a smile with missing teeth is something that most of us cannot comprehend. No matter how often people try to overlook your dental flaws or appreciate your toothless smile, the lack of a proper set of teeth comes biting at some point or the other. Though the good news to hear out is that dental clinics all over the world, offer innumerable treatments even in such cases so that you can smile and eat with confidence. With advanced technology and innovation in the field of dentistry, it is possible for a dentist to perform a treatment with dentures, which can easily fix the dental appearance in cases of patients who suffer from single to multiple missing teeth. This treatment is not only aimed at enhancing the cosmetic appearance of a patient’s teeth but also helps in the restoration of normal chewing habits. Want to know more about denture treatment at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa? Read on to find how Dr. Isaac Kashani and his able team can help you out.

What are dentures?

Renowned for performing extremely satisfying and successful dental treatments, Lasting Impressions Dental Spa has remained a hub for patients, hailing from Encino and neighbouring areas, seeking dental advice from our professional dentists and surgeons. With state of the art equipment and in-depth knowledge in the field of dentures, our capable and experienced team is able to provide excellent treatment to patients, at the least discomfort and affordable prices.

It is quite common for adults to suffer from loss of one or more teeth. This does not mean that once you have lost your tooth, you are bound to live the rest of your life in discomfort. Having mastered and perfected the skill of completing a dentures treatment, Lasting Impressions Dental Spa has become a household name in the area, for being among the top rated dental clinics that give you more than one reason to smile.

A treatment with dentures aims to enhance the appearance of a patient, who has lost more than one teeth along his jawline. Over the years, many advancements have been witnessed in the field of dentistry, which have been carefully observed and learnt by our expert dentists, which is why we promise to deliver a lasting and satisfactory treatment with dentures.

Types of dentures treatment

While the basic idea behind dentures is quite simple, there is yet more to the entire treatment. Based on individual patient’s case and the time frame within which a patient asks the treatment to be finished, there are a number of options available. At Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, services related to dentures revolve around the following options:

  1. Immediate Dentures: Mostly opted for in cases when extraction of teeth is unavoidable. With this treatment, a patient can walk back home with his dentures the same day, the extraction of teeth is completed. This procedure saves a patient from the embarrassment of moving around toothless.
  2. Customized dentures: Custom made in our very own lab, we can create specific dentures for your teeth. One of the most common example of such customization is the use of porcelain dentures instead of acrylic, which enhances the natural look of the teeth manifold.
  3. Implant supported dentures: Contrary to traditional means of providing a treatment, in this case, we create dentures that are supported by implants. The benefit of this treatment lies in an enhanced eating experience, as the patient is able to relish the texture of the food and feel its temperature. The use of adhesives can be eliminated through this approach. This treatment also saves the patient from rubbing and sore spots, while maintaining the bones and gums. The denture is removable and snaps in and out of place like a snappy shirt button. They are held in place by “snappy abutments”
  4. Complete denture: As the name suggests, this is our option in case a patient requires complete replacement of their missing teeth. In this case, the teeth are composed of acrylic or porcelain, attached to an acrylic base.
  5. Partial dentures: As opposed to a complete denture, a partial denture can be useful for patients who only replacement of certain teeth. With advanced technology, it is possible for us to create same day partial dentures for our patients. Depending on the specific needs of the patient, it is possible to create traditional and flexible dentures for a patient. The advantage with flexible dentures is that they provide enhanced comfort to the patient and add durability to the dentures. As no visible metal clasps hinder the natural appearance of the teeth, a patient is likely to feel more confident about his smile.
  6. all on four dentures : If traditional dentures do not seem to be your kind of treatment, we also offer a more complicated alternative to the problem. For most people, the full palate of dentures hinders the natural process of eating and speaking. All on four dentures solve this problem by simply screwing down a denture atop four to five dental implants. This option lends greater comfort and convenience to the patient.

How to care for your dentures?

You can always get a durable and reliable dental treatment for dentures at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa. However, with every treatment, it is necessary to follow a basic dental hygiene routine and take some special care as well, in order to avoid limiting the life of the treatment. Take a look at some of the important factors that should be borne in mind while undergoing a dentures treatment.

  • It is vital to clean your dentures every single day, especially after you have consumed a meal. While loose food particles can simply be cleaned by rinsing, it is important to use a special denture cleaning tablet for cleaning the dentures, once per day.
  • Choose a special denture cleaning toothbrush with round ended bristles and soft texture, for scrubbing and cleaning the dentures.
  • Make use of special denture cleaning creams and not toothpastes, to clean your dentures. This will save them from scratches.
  • Ensure that you clean your teeth, gums, palate and tongue before inserting the dentures. This is important to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Avoid placing dentures in hot water.
  • In case you notice anything irregular with your dentures, contact our dentists immediately, especially if you feel that the dentures are loose. The friction and pressure of loose dentures can cause a major stress on the teeth and gums.

 Store your dentures safely when they are not in use.

By following these tips, along with your regular oral hygiene, you can make sure that you do not suffer in any way and your treatment lasts long.

What is most imperative above these precautions is the need to stay in touch with Dr. Issac Kashani and his team, even after the treatment has concluded and visit the clinic from time to time, to have your teeth inspected. It is better to be on the safer side once you have opted for a dental treatment, than to regret it later. If you have any questions about the treatment, feel free to reach out to us at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa and get your queries solved.

Why should you go for dentures?

Given the slight discomfort associated with dentures, many patients often doubt the viability of a treatment with dentures. With its fair share of benefits, dentures are a very feasible and convenient dental treatment that can alleviate your dental troubles in a single day! For one, dentures enhance the process of chewing and eating food, which in turn maintains the process of digestion in the body. You can smile boldly and confidently once your missing teeth have been replaced and pose as often as you like for the shutter bags. Dentures also help people in cases where they are unable to speak fluidly or pronounce certain words with trouble. At Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, we have been serving patients for the past many years. Having understood what the treatment promises, we decided to include it in our scope of services so that we can spread even more happy smiles around us. We are completely confident and sure about this treatment and advocate it with professional confidence.

If you have been suffering with a toothless grin so far, we strongly recommend that you come and visit us at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, where Dr. Isaac Kashani and his team will be able to examine you and suggest a course of treatment. Our services have yielded many fruitful results so far and we continue to receive the gracious appreciation of patients every day at our clinic. This makes us confident about being able to service our patients and deliver a satisfactory treatment. You can also discuss financing options at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa for undergoing a dentures treatment. We might also be able to help you with a dental insurance as an alternative finance option.

We would strongly recommend dentures for anyone who suffers from multiple loss of teeth and wishes to bring his life back on track with a dental treatment. Contact us today for a complete dental examination!

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