TMJ Treatment

TMD or Temporomadibular Disorder is a term used to describe the diseases caused by an affected TMJ . There are variations of issues that can occur with the TMJ including but not limited to popping, clicking, or locking. For this reason, every patient must be evaluated and treated differently. We start with an initial consultation. Treatments can range from the simplest form being a suggestion of yoga to relieve stress, a nightguard into the Mastication muscles, and if extremely complex, we may recommend oral surgery.

TMJ disorders can affect many things. It can cause loss of sleep and restlessness, which can cascade into many other medical problems. TMJ disorders can also affect one’s dentition. If you are grinding or clenching your teeth, you are probably wearing away your teeth, which can cause bone loss in your teeth and premature tooth loss. You can have a collapsed bite and may end up needing a full-mouth reconstruction that could include implants and crowns for every tooth, or even dentures in extremely advanced cases in order to open the bite.

The diagnosis and treatment of TMJ issues is extremely important in order to prevent more severe issues. Please come to our office for a complimentary consultation to see if you are a victim of TMJ disorders.

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