Implants are one of our biggest specialties at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa. There are some special implant placements that we do at our office, virtually nobody else may be able to do in the same way, especially because we have so many patented products in our office that only either our specialists or Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani will use.

For implant placement in cosmetic areas, and for immediate results, Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani prefers placing the Sargon Immediate Load Dental Implant for many reasons. The major reason is that the patient can appreciate the fact that they come in with a bad or no tooth, and can walk out of the office in the same day with a strong tooth. This is because once the patented implant placed into bone can be activated and expanded into the bone. This enables us to have primary stability, while the rest of the implant is healing. Furthermore, for cosmetic reasons, when placing an immediate load dental implant, and placing the crown also immediately, the gums will take shape around the tooth that is immediately placed. This helps us preserve the natural shape of the gums and provides a high-quality Natural Emergence Profile Tooth Replacement. While in case the gums are left to heal, and an implant is not placed immediately, the shape of the bone and the gums in the area change, flatten out, and the natural papilla (the v-shape of gums between teeth) is lost. When the immediate implant is placed, the papilla is preserved far better than if it were left to heal. Not everyone is a candidate for immediate dental implant placement, but everyone deserves to at least have a complimentary consultation to see if they are a candidate. Call our office to schedule your appointment soon.


A Little About the Sargon Immediate Load Dental Implant

The bone that heals around the expanded area has even stronger bone around it due to an oscillating effect, according to histology reports. Furthermore, this very implant has kept almost the same design for the past twenty years, with only minor changes because it has always had a great success rate. Other implant companies change their design over and over again. Also, Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani has full access to GENDEX ConeBeam CT scans with Anatomage InVivo software. “What does this have to do with me?” a patient may ask. Well, the software we use in our office allows us to place the implants into the bone in a three-dimensional form. This means we do the surgery on the computer software before we even do the surgery on the patient. We find the best bone with the CT Scan, and we place them digitally at the best angles and at the best distance from another tooth or another implant. If not placed in the optimum position, it could lead to the failure of that implant!

From that digital placement, we can make a stent to fit over the missing area that becomes a placement guide for the implant or implants, which goes over the gums and bones, guiding us into putting them in the exact place that we want. This method is much more precise than “free hand” placing implants. Not every case requires a stent, but Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani will let you know whether one is required or not. Cone Beam CT scan means less radiation to the patient. The x-rays are funneled into a cone beam so that patient is not subject to much radiation. Another of our proprietary products is the Sargon Dental Implant. With this dental implant we can extract a tooth, place the implant, and place a crown on the tooth all in the same day. Dr. Sargon Lazarof invented this implant about twenty years ago and continues to place these implants with an overall average of a 99% success rate. Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani has taken many hours of continuing education with The Sargon Dental Implant Institute and is very knowledgeable in placing same day dental implants.

What is a Bone Graft? Do I need a Bone Graft? 

A bone graft can be made of many materials that are placed in a hole or defect in the bone either caused by bacterial infection, extraction of a tooth, or both. We place bone grafts in different places where they are necessary. If a defect has four walls, such as a tooth extraction site, the area is clean of all granulation tissue (infection tissue), an implant will be placed very soon, and it is not in the aesthetic zone, then no, a bone graft is not necessary. However, it is usually better to be safe than to be sorry. Bone grafts are usually placed to preserve that site’s bone, whether it is for aesthetics, or for future implant placement. At this point in time, and with our current techniques, very little can be done to add bone to sites where bone does not exist, and to gain height and width of bone for implants. Some of the shortest implants are about 8mm long and about 3.47mm wide. If the area is short of that amount of bone, then an implant cannot be placed into thin air! There is one exception to this, and that is in the upper jaw, in the back area. If one has no bone in the back, we are able to graft bone into the Maxillary sinus area, and place an implant there. That is the area of the upper jaw molars. This is an advanced procedure, and it is completed by the specialist in our office. Bone grafts take about 3 months to heal, and once healed, implants can be placed into them. Sometimes implants may be placed into the bone that is remaining and/or Sinus, or the bone graft can be placed around the implants and the sinus simultaneously. This way, there is only one waiting period of 3 months, and everything heals together, so the patient will be ready to place crowns on the implants in about 3 months.

What is bone graft made out of?

There are several different kinds of bone graft. We have found that the bone graft that works best is Bovine Bone, which is sterilized cow bone. The way it works is that the bone graft that we place there does NOT actually become part of your bone – it becomes a scaffold, and codes to the body to place its own bone there. Your own bone eventually remodels into place, and the Bovine Bone disappears.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are usually used in places where there is not enough bone for regular size implants. Mini implants can also be used for denture-wearing patients. In the case of denture-wearing patients, two or more mini implants are placed and the denture snaps onto the mini implants like buttons, holding down the dentures. This makes for
more comfortable and more stable dentures, eliminating denture adhesives and pads that do not work as well. It is a great improvement in the lifestyle of a patient to be able to bite into foods and not having the dentures getting stuck in the food. If the patient has good fitting dentures, then there is no need to even make new dentures. Simply, the implants are placed and the buttons are fitted to the existing dentures. If the patient does not have good fitting dentures, then the doctor will let the patient know that new dentures must be made.

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