Teeth Whitening

“Does whitening damage my teeth?” This is the most frequent question and misconception most people have. The answer is simply NO. No, it does not remove a layer of enamel on a tooth, and no harm is done if whitening is done safely at a dentist office. Teeth whitening gels are non abrasive, and almost all teeth whitening materials consist of one common active ingredient, which is a form of Peroxide, just in different concentrations.

In our office we provide several types of teeth whitening systems. We offer Conventional bleaching trays, Zoom Whitening, and Kor Whitening. All teeth whitening treatments come standard with Desensitizing solution so patients do not experience sensitivity during their teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth Whitening

The most effective teeth whitening system we carry that we have experienced the best results are with the Kor Whitening System.

Kor Whitening is a system that incorporates bleaching trays and an in office powerful bleaching for best results. Kor Whitening gets to the core of a tooth. The idea is that the patient will wear, for at least one hour a day, their bleaching trays custom made by the Kor Laboratory for best results. During these two weeks, the pores of the teeth are opening up while also whitening the tooth. After at least two weeks of opening up the pores and making the teeth more susceptible to bleach, the patient has an in-office appointment to use an extremely powerful bleaching gel, applied very carefully to the teeth with the gums protected under careful supervision of the dentist. The Kor Whitening system also comes with a very strong Desensitizing agent. If a patient has super sensitive teeth to begin with, we apply the desensitizing agent to their teeth before we even start with the trays. The desensitizing agent works great even for patients with sensitive teeth who do not want to do whitening but want to get rid of their sensitivity.

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