Lasting Impressions Dental Spa is a genuine dental care service center for all your tooth related problems and issues. Our experienced and qualified staff has a solution for even the most grievous dental issues that you might be facing or which are impending to strike your teeth, the signs of which are not quite visible to you at the moment. Serving our patients and clients for a long time now, our expert Dr. Isaac Kashani and his team are adept at handling cases which require treatment with crowns and bridges. It is our constant endeavour to let you smile happily and contently and with our treatments and technology, we expect to give you exactly that!

Everything you need to know about a dental crown and fixed bridge:

Following excessive decay or damage to the teeth or a weak and broken tooth, a dental crown is a technology that allows a dentist to use advanced restoration techniques on your teeth and restore the original appearance of your teeth.

When providing a dental crown treatment, Dr. Kashani’s team would make restorations to the damaged portion of the tooth, so as to provide relief to the patient from pain and further spread of infection, while crafting a prosthetic crown over the restored tooth, to maintain the original appearance and feel of the mouth and teeth. This prevents further damage and pain to the smile as well, by giving a natural fit to the teeth. Ideally, a dental crown is most suitable in a case where the teeth of the patient are either damaged or in a decaying condition, to replace a damaged dental filling. This is done to protect a tooth that has been treated with root canal treatment, or to conceal and correct a cosmetic flaw.

A crown can also be easily understood as a covering, in the exact shape of a tooth that is secured on top of the tooth which has suffered any damage or has broken. Depending on one’s budget and choice, such dental crowns could be made of ceramic, gold metal, metal alloys or even porcelain. We would also ask you to consider the location of the tooth which requires the treatment, while choosing the type of crown.

Under a fixed bridge tooth replacement, our experienced and trained dental surgeons would craft a bridge or crown on each side of a tooth. A healthy tooth acts as the supporting bridge, helping them in restoring a lost tooth structure. Fixed bridge structures can be used to replace more than one missing teeth, to help you smile better again. This bridge can be filled with porcelain or ceramic. A bridge is the ideal treatment option when people are missing more than one teeth, as it restores a natural ability to eat and speak like before.

Do your teeth require a treatment of crowns and bridges?

Often, our dental habits are not one of the mainstream routines that we watch and take note of, on a daily basis. As a result, our teeth are prone to suffer decay and damage, which might often not be even visible to the eye at first. Also, in some cases, genetic issues might pave way for damages within the teeth which are hard to avoid. As a result, most patients need to undergo restoration treatments that can replace their damaged teeth. Such treatments are highly useful, considering most patients who do not wish to dampen the appearance of their smile.

Want to know if you require a crown or bridge treatment? Call our office right away and ask for an appointment, so that we may be able to determine of your teeth are damaged or decaying to an extent that requires this treatment.

What does a dental crown and fixed bridge treatment require? – Know before you go:

Under a normal dental crown and fixed bridge treatment, the patient would be required to visit Lasting Impressions Dental Spa at least two times. During these visits to our clinic, we will carry out the requisite procedure to cure the dental issue being faced by you. On your visit, our dental expert, Dr. Isaac Kashani, would prepare your teeth for the treatment. This would involve removing of any tissues that are damaged, as well as clearing some of the tooth enamel around the tooth so that the restored tooth can settle back inside the cavity easily. Next, our dental experts would take an impression of your teeth, giving us the exact dimensions inside your mouth, so that we are able to craft a custom fitting crown and bridge for your teeth. In our office this impression, also known as a mold, could possibly be taken digitally so that there is no more yucky mold material. In fact about 90 percent of our molds and impressions are taken digitally. A temporary prosthetic tooth made of temporary resin is then placed over the custom tooth to safeguard your set of teeth. Once we receive he restored crown from our lab, we would ask you to visit us again so that we can replace the temporary tooth with the new ceramic tooth.

Before Dr. Isaac Kashani begins the treatment, he would ask you to visit him once so as to assess your individual case and understand your specific requirement, as well as expectations out of the treatment. We wish to see you off with a healthy smile and a satisfied experience, which is why we take your health goals and budget constraints very seriously. This helps us in designing a treatment plan which is not only tailored for you but also meets your specific goals.

What precautions should be taken while undergoing a dental crown and fixed bridge treatment?

All dental treatments involve careful and intricate procedures to be carried out by an experienced dental expert. While much of the success of the treatment depends on the accuracy with which your dental surgeon has carried out the task, you will also be required to undertake certain precautions while the treatment is underway, so as to ensure that you do not end up spoiling your treatment. Here is a list of some precautions that you can undertake, after you have received a dental crown and fixed bridge treatment at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, which will help your teeth recover quickly and the treatment to last longer:

  • At all costs, avoid flossing that part of the mouth, where you have received the treatment. The temporary cement is weak and usually the temporary tooth will pop out with floss.
  • At all costs also avoid chewing gum! This will cause temporary to pop out.
  • Take care not to use any harsh toothbrushes or toothpastes which contain too many chemicals, to minimize the wear and tear that your teeth have to undergo.
  • Follow a regular and religious routine of brushing your teeth and flossing, however, take care not to exert undue pressure on the temporary tooth.
  • For the first few days after your temporary tooth is restored with another restoration, you would need to take special care of your mouth and teeth. Thus, our dentists would prescribe a custom routine for cleaning and maintaining the teeth. Only after a few days of healing, can you switch back to your ordinary brushing and flossing routine.
  • Last but not the least, we expect you to visit us from time to time for regular check ups, so that we can test your teeth for any signs of further damage or catch other issues beforehand. Also, if you feel any problem with the treatment, it would be wise to get consultation with us so that we can ensure that the treatment has been carried out correctly.

What are the benefits of a dental crown treatment?

A dental crown treatment seeks to give you the ‘natural’ look of your smile that you really crave for, when undergoing a dental treatment. We understand that artificial looks disappoint you and that is the last thing we would like to see instead of your natural smile. This is why, our team takes all the necessary precautions and carries out the entire procedure in a holistic manner, ensuring that at no point of time, your treatment makes your uncomfortable or withstand pain. Not only will our treatment give you a natural smile, it will replace your missing teeth and offer support to any damaged or broken teeth as well. Also, if you undergoing any functional chewing problems, our treatment would help you reap some respite.

Sometimes, people also lose their teeth in an accident or due to long term wear and tear. We would highly recommend a dental bridge treatment in such cases, which is factually an excellent long term solution to the problem of missing teeth. In some cases, our patients complain about pain in their teeth. On examination, most cases reveal a hairline crack in the chewing part of the tooth, which is obviously hard to understand. In this case, we have treated our patients with dental crowns, which has helped them get over the pain and use their teeth in a completely functional manner again.

Why to choose Lasting Impressions Dental Spa for a dental crown and fixed bridge treatment?

When it comes to our teeth, most of us have a very lax attitude towards their overall health. Did you know that your teeth are susceptible to more than a dozen dental issues, should you fail to take proper care for them? Our teeth are probably one of those parts of the body, which could become a storehouse of bacteria and infections, without us being able to comprehend that, at all! This is because most of the infections related to teeth, begin at the root level, inside the jaw and gums, which are hard to observe. Don’t you think that it is quite obvious for you to get your teeth checked from time to time, to get them assessed and conclude if they are fine? At Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, a team of experienced and professional dental specialists, which are headed by Dr. Isaac Kashani, a known name in the dental industry, lead all cases which require our patients to undergo various dental treatments. So far, we have received very positive and encouraging reviews and testimonials from them, appreciating the team for their work. Perhaps, we have been able to achieve such acknowledgement from our patients, owing to the professional and accurate pace that we lead on. When it comes to dental crowns and fixed bridges, we feel happy to provide you with an exceptional experience of dental service. Believe it or not, for us, your satisfaction is the actual reward for the service that we give you. If you have a need for a dental crown or a bridge, reach out to us today and get an appointment with Dr. Kashani and his team. 

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