Our fast-paced lives have been thankfully supplemented with an equally fast paced improvement and innovation in technology. Staying true to the test of time, the technologically advanced era that we survive in, has a lot of potential to develop further and introduce our world to more fascinating innovations. The field of dentistry has not been left behind in this spearheaded reign of technology advancement. With innovative practices and tools available at our disposal, it has been possible for us to deliver excellent dental services to our patients, over the years. Lasting Impressions Dental Spa is a name which is synonymous with trust and reliability. Over the span of the last few years, we have developed a significant excellence in the field of composite fillings, helping our patients smile brighter and feel more confident.

What is a composite filling?

So you have a cavity, cracked, broken or chipped teeth? Did you know that you can get these broken down teeth fixed at the comfort of our clinic in Encino? Ideally, a composite filling is composed of particles that are made of glass and plastic. Over the past few years, composite fillings have gained immense popularity all over the country. Much of this popularity can be attributed to the fact that composite fillings come out to match the exact color of the natural tooth, hence making them look completely natural, devoid of any artificial treatment. This is the reason why it one of the most chosen dental treatment among people who want to get their broken teeth fixed. There are certain advantages as well, that are associated with the choice of a white tooth filling. First, the patient needs to undergo less removal of their enamel and secondly, the white filling tends to adhere more durably to the structure of the tooth as compared to other fillings.

At Lasting Impressions Dental Spa we have always been an amalgam free facility since its inception in 2009.   We always understood the importance and necessity to use the new, and improved white filling, which offers many splendid advantages and in essence they were never new to us and Dr. Isaac Kashani mostly trained in doing white composite fillings. Owing to these fillings, dental treatments are witnessing major advancements. White fillings tend to not be stronger, more sturdy and reliable than the average amalgam filling however they are the healthier choice since they do not contain mercury. In cases where the cavity of the patient is located on the visible part of the tooth, a white filling will supposedly provide a better result than an amalgam. The most commonly acceptable application of the white composite filling is on cavities that occur between two teeth. This makes it possible to use the filling even on the front teeth. This is one major advantage of a white composite filling! By using the white material on the front teeth, a patient can maintain the natural look of his teeth and smile, without ever having to hide behind an artificial look.

How is a composite filling treatment carried out?

This is one of the most crucial and relevant questions that our patients ask us when they come to us for a composite filling treatment. Perhaps, this is owing to the expectation out of the procedure and the cost involved but we completely understand the apprehensions of our patients and believe that we ought to solve their queries before we begin the treatment.

Before a composite filling treatment is recommended to a patient, our expert dentists will use our highly advanced and sophisticated tools and machines to conduct an x ray examination of the teeth. Such examination will be able to reveal an existing cavity, although not the exact location, but will be within 90 percent on point to the extent of damage that they have undergone. This will help our dentists in determining the future course of action, related to the teeth and decide how the treatment should be administered. We also encourage our patients to sit with their dentist and get as many questions solved as they would like, which could be pertaining to the impending treatment. This helps our dentist, as well as the patient, in developing an expectation about the treatment.

Most of the composite filling treatments can be administered in a span of a single day. Therefore, our dentists can schedule an appointment for you on a fixed day and devote their time to your treatment on a dedicated basis. Normally, the treatment involves four stages, should nothing strange or irregular appear to the dentist.

At the first step, our dentists will begin by administering a dose of anesthesia to the patient. This will make sure that the patient does not suffer any pain or discomfort during the treatment as teeth remain numb. Afterwards, the tooth will be prepared to receive the treatment. For this purpose, our dentist will remove any bacteria from the affected area and sterilize the tooth so that the treatment can be completed. If needed, he will also reshape the teeth gently, so that their look can be enhanced. At the third step, the dentist will apply a composite resin once the tooth is completely dry and clean. This resin will be molded to match the shape and structure of the tooth and then it will be applied over the damaged area to fill the cavity. This is the most important and crucial step in the entire process as it requires a keen eye for detail so that the resin can be matched and shaped with the tooth to provide a natural appearance. Should anything go wrong in this step, the results will not come out to be as optimum as expected. Layer after layer, the resin shall be applied on the tooth and with each layer, in 2mm increments,dx a curing light shall be used to harden the layer. Lastly, our dentist will examine the tooth for accuracy of results, trim out any excess filling or remove any extra bit of the filling. That is it. This is all it takes to repair a broken tooth or cure a cavity. You can get this treatment done at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa for a very reasonable price today!

What are the benefits of a composite filling treatment?

The first thing that you should know about a composite filling is that it does not last permanently. Even then, the results can last up to 10 years, with proper care and oral hygiene habits. Most other dental treatments also require restoration over some time, so that the results can be seen as clearly as the first day. However, with a composite filling, no one can overlook one of the major advantages of the treatment, which is the natural color and appearance of the tooth being maintained ever after treatment.

Besides this, composite flings provide a secure bond on the tooth, making the treatment last long. The patient has to undergo very slight removal of the tooth enamel, which is one of the biggest advantages of this treatment versus dental amalgams which require excessive tooth removal for retention and stability. It also provides a very smooth texture of the tooth and proves to be an ergonomic alternative to conventional filling treatments.

Why should you choose us?

Dental treatments require major consideration before a patient opts to undergo one. Not only do dental treatments involve a significant cost component, they also impact the appearance and hygiene of your teeth for a significant term of years to come. Anything of such importance should require an expert hand and experienced professional. This is why we encourage you to come and meet our team of expert dentists, which includes Dr. Isaac Kashani. With an examination, we will be able to diagnose the issue with your teeth and assess how further treatment can be done. We offer a very reasonable rate structure for our services, which has been widely accepted in Encino and the neighbouring areas. This is why the footfall of patients at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa is quite vast and we feel very glad about being able to serve our patients with the best practices in town. We can also discuss the various payment options for the treatment, as well as the acceptance of dental insurance in each case. If you are currently suffering from a dental issue, we suggest that you get in touch with our team right away and come in for an examination so that we can help you out.

Changing lives with composite fillings

We get many patients all year round, who wish to preserve the natural appearance of their teeth but are afraid to undergo any treatment for the same. At Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, we offer a very friendly and customer-oriented treatment facility, taking care of our patients at every stage and making sure that they do not feel the absence of any care from our end. We are equipped with advanced machines and tools to carry out dental treatments in the most ergonomic and patient friendly manner. This is why our patients recognize us for our efforts and continue to remain loyal to our clinic. Facing any issues with your teeth? Willing to take a composite filling treatment? Reach out to us at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa today and get your teeth treated with us.

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