In a world of perfection, even minor flaws with our appearance seem to feel like a hindrance to the ‘perfect’ look that we wish to see on ourselves. If those flaws do not bother us, they somehow become a reason for people around us, to criticize us. If such is the case with our teeth, we face a deteriorated level of confidence, which takes a further dip, every time we smile around others or pose for the shutter bags. No doubt, people wish to go for corrective remedies, in order to improve their facial features and teeth! Cosmetic dentistry can help you ace that target and give you a set of teeth that lets you smile with confidence.

At Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, you can avail reliable and trustworthy cosmetic dentistry services that will completely revamp your confidence and let you smile with pride!

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t really a new concept

While many people believe that cosmetic dentistry is a relatively new concept, the truth is that it dates back to many years. In the ancient days, in the land of Egypt, people used to adorn their teeth with jewels and gold jewelry. Similarly, the ancient Russians used to employ a gross but extremely effective way to whiten their teeth, which was to scrub them with urine. Even in the recent times, President George Washington set an example for people to follow, which was to wear dentures so that he could hide his toothless smile. So, are you surprised yet to read how people used to enhance their dental appearance? This practice has obviously been carried on and adopted in modern day dentistry, which is why we now have a host of sophisticated and innovative cosmetic dentistry services in line that can help people achieve the desired look and appearance.

Manifesting cosmetic dentistry in the recent times

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, we can go on length to talk about simple re shaping of the tooth and something as intricate as tooth restoration. In simple terms, the target of cosmetic dentistry job is to eradicate any irregularity with the appearance of one’s teeth and redesign them in a way that makes them appear more attractive and alluring or else, enhances the way in which they appear so that they closely resemble the natural appearance of the teeth. Unlike ancient times, when dental jobs involving cosmetic changes, used to be cumbersome to perform and oddly satisfying or not, cosmetic dentistry jobs in the present day are designed in a way that achieves complete satisfaction of the person undergoing the treatment. What is more satisfying is the fact that cosmetic dental job can turn out to be strong and durable in the long run, meaning that the results of the job can stand the test of time for long duration.

What does cosmetic dentistry job include?

We understand that you may not have a clear idea about what cosmetic dentistry job may or may not include. Therefore, no matter what your goals with your teeth are, you can always visit Lasting Impressions Dental Spa to allow Dr. Isaac Kashani and his team of fellow experts to take a look at them and decide what needs to be done to help you smile the way you like. Dr. Isaac Kashani is a highly experienced and trained dental surgeon who is highly adept at handling cases that involve cases of cosmetic dentistry. Along with him, his team of dental experts are very well trained and qualified to produce outshining results at every case that comes their way. Let us tell you some of the reasons why you should visit us for cosmetic dentistry service:

  • Do you wish to get dental veneers fixed on your teeth?
  • Do your teeth need cosmetic bonding service?
  • Are your teeth quite yellowish in appearance?
  • Do you think that your gums are quite unhealthy due to lack of dental hygiene?
  • Do you feel that your teeth are not properly aligned and hence, do not appear natural?
  • Do you wish to remove a natural tooth and replace it with something else, perhaps a dental implant?
  • Do your teeth require a tooth color restoration service?
  • Are your teeth chipped, cracked or filled with cavities?
  • Are your teeth spaced inappropriately?
  • Do your gums require contouring?

In all the above cases, our expert dental surgeons would suggest cosmetic dentistry service and help you understand everything that is to understand about the service, so that you can decide beforehand whether or not you wish to go for the service.

Why should you go for cosmetic dentistry service?

Nowadays, people go for endless treatments and procedures, simply to alter their current appearance. In a time of cut throat competition everywhere, it is important to feel confident about yourself and about the things that you do. Therefore, in order to build your self-esteem, it becomes somewhat important to have as many things in the right shape, as you can. We are not propagating the idea that cosmetic dentistry service is a must have but simply supporting those, who wish to get a dental treatment done so that they can improve the appearance of their teeth. If you have an idea on your mind that will help your teeth appear more natural or overcome an issue that they are facing, we strongly support that you go for it. To us, improving one’s present condition by way of utilizing our special skills, is a way to let people live a life that they have always wished for. We do what we can do, to fix what needs to be fixed with your teeth.

After all, no one dislikes seeing someone smile in full glory, confidently and lovingly. Then, why not give them a smile that is worth watching as well! You would not believe it but sometimes, some of our patients even end up crying when we reveal the outcome of cosmetic dental treatment on their teeth through a mirror. Those tears express just very well what those patients used to feel about their teeth and what they feel now. To us, those tears are a testimony to the job that we perform on a daily basis and the skills that we have worked to develop. Men and women alike, come to us with various doubts and questions in their minds about cosmetic dentistry treatment and express their fears about the present condition of their teeth. Each time, we make a promise to help them out of their inhibitions in the best manner that we can and we feel proud that we are able to deliver what we promise to them.

Cosmetic dentistry at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa

Among the most popular and reliable places in Encino and surrounding areas, to receive cosmetic dentistry treatment, is Lasting Impressions Dental Spa. Here, a team of dental experts, headed by Dr. Isaac Kashani, work in a coordinated manner to service every patient that arrive at the clinic. Our aim is simple but strong, to help each of our patients, so that they can smile better each day! We carry out our work with the help of the latest and most sophisticated technology and tools that we can lay our hands on. The continuous throng of patients that come to us for treatment and their satisfied smiles are a testimony to the kind of work that we do here. We feel proud to call ourselves one of the top dental clinics in Encino, serving our patients for many years now. For us, innovation and results matter deeply, which is why we employ all our efforts and skills to discover new ways to carry out our dental work and help our patients.

Why choose us?

This is a question that is perhaps best answered on its own. Lasting Impressions Dental Spa has set its record for excellent service record by helping numerous patients with apt dental services. We promise to deliver satisfactory services at the most reasonable prices for the same. At Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, you can also avail numerous financing options so that our dental services do not poke a hole in your pocket. Not only do we seek to assure you with our words but our carefully designed services ensure that you may not have to face any trouble with your teeth once the treatment is completed. If so, we are always available to help you overcome any issues with your teeth.

Lasting Impressions Dental Spa is a wholesome place to get your teeth cleared of any appearance issues. We can help you with cosmetic treatment on your teeth so that you can smile with confidence as often as you like. All you have to do is to reach out to us and seek consultation for undergoing a treatment. With Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, you can always be assured to receive the best treatment!

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