Advanced Dentistry

What is Advanced Dentistry? It is dentistry that is current with today's research and products. Some of the biggest advanced dentistry procedures are Ozone Dentistry and Air Abrasion Dentistry. With today’s advancements in dentistry and with the inventions of the most current adhesives and natural chemicals, we are able to be very conservative with our dentistry. Conservative dentistry is cutting down the least amount of tooth structure when performing dentistry.

We get one set of adult teeth and we are living longer than in the past, for this reason, so we need to make our teeth last as long as possible and plan for the future.

Air Abrasion Dentistry – If the decay is not too large, we can remove the decay with air abrasion instead of drilling the decay out. Then we can apply ozone gas, freeze the decay, then seize it. This will kill the bacteria that is causing the cavity and restore the tooth.

Ozone Dentistry – Ozone is a gas that naturally kills S.Mutans, the bacteria that lives in a tooth that causes a cavity. Basically, this bacteria feeds off of carbohydrates and its waste product is an acid that eats at the tooth, causing decayed tooth matter.  We can apply Ozone gasses to the affected tooth, kill the bacteria, and stop the progression. We have successfully restored teeth that are extremely close to needing a root canal without doing a root canal.  We then apply natural topical calcifying agents to the tooth for a few weeks and place a restoration on the tooth whether it’s a filling or an inlay on the tooth.

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