Fillings at our office, even the simplest fillings in dentistry, are done only with the best quality. We only place white fillings – we do not carry the old mercury containing silver fillings. Several different types of filling materials are carried in our office because there is no universal filling material that is versatile for every situation. For example, if we are using a filling for a front tooth as a bonding material, it needs to be highly polishable and very glossy. If it is for a back molar, it needs to be very strong and versatile so that it can withstand the forces of chewing.


Dental Filling Procedure

We carry the Sonic Fill machine and use it very proudly. What is the Sonic Fill? The Sonic Fill is a machine that vibrates the white filling material, so that it comes out as a liquid and flows into all the tiny crevices of the tooth to eliminate voids in the filing and space between the filling and the tooth. The next question is why should I care? You should care because if a filling has voids or spaces (tiny ones that you can’t see with your eyes) it can diminish the longevity of that filling. This goes back to the philosophy of our dentistry being made to last.

We use several bonding agents. We use self etch G-bond, Kerr option S (total etch), and Bisco two part bonding agent. Again, each area requires different bonding agents, thus the reason we carry multiple bonding agents.

All the materials are BPA, allergy free, and are researched heavily.

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