Dental insurance seems like a good idea, but as personal finance blog Smart Money points out, most plans cover very little. Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani is an Encino Dentist that looks out for patients that have no dental insurance at all. By offering exceptional dentistry at fair prices, uninsured patients can get the treatments they need for less than a traditional copay.

Smart Money notes that payouts on most plans are between $1,000 and $2,000 per year, and often cover the cost of two yearly checkups, payouts for actual dental work are pretty low. If all you need is your yearly checkups, X-Rays, and a whitening then dental insurance isn’t even necessary. It all came down to this:

In the final analysis, experts say the new companies might be worth a look. With regular dental coverage, it’s usually impossible to get back more than the cost of the premiums (because of co-pays and maximum annual reimbursements). In that sense, dental insurance is a form of pre-payment. But rather than gamble on how much coverage you might need, or wait to get all your work done, a cash plan may be a better deal to pay for, and get, your dental care when you need it.

What’s best for you will likely depend on the amount of dental work you need per year. The only way to know what your best options are is to call Lasting Impressions Dental Spa today at (818)751-5100.