Healthy teeth and gums eliminate the occurrence of diseases such as gingivitis and tooth decay. It is important to teach children proper dental hygiene such as brushing their teeth after every meal, flossing after every meal to eliminate particles stuck between the teeth and eliminating too much intake of foods with sugar (such as cakes and ice cream). While following all of the above tips may help, it is also important to take your children to the dentist on regular visits. This is to provide the dentist a chance to do a check up and determine if the teeth are going well and in a proper alignment. Below are 6 innovations that have made it easier to take kids to the family dentist.

Availability of toothbrushes for kids

Since it is important for children to practice cleaning their teeth after every meal, it is proper to provide them with toothbrushes. Companies such as Philips have created toothbrushes meant for children and are available at the dentist’s office. After check up, the dentist can issue a free toothbrush or can recommend to the parent the best one to buy.

Presence of Flat Screen TVs

Kids love to watch their favorite animations and the dentists have come to realize that. Many dental clinics provide flat screen TV monitors at the reception where kids can watch their favorite shows while awaiting their turn for check up. The dentist may provide DVD’s with family movies and shows for the adults and kids to enjoy together.

Availability of dental sealants

These are thin plastic coatings that are placed on the grooves of the kids teeth so as to protect them from tooth decay. They are durable and can last up to 10 years therefore offering optimum protection. The availability of the sealants has helped reduce teeth decay in children therefore eliminating cavities.

Toothpastes with different flavors and themes

With the help of dentists, companies have developed toothpastes that come in different flavors and themes which are attractive to the children. Crest has developed the Sesame Street toothpaste, the Disney princess toothpaste and the Avengers themed toothpaste. With different flavors, the children get a different experience each moment.

Preventive care

Modern dentists provide preventive tips to parents on better dental hygiene for them and their children. This has become an educative platform and many are living a healthier life.

Availability of dental lasers

Traditional dental equipments such as needles and high speed noisy tools were scary. With improvement in technology, lasers are now available and provide a non scary experience. They help in the diagnosing cavities in the teeth among other functions.