Tooth loss can negatively affect a person’s appearance, self-confidence, speech, and ultimately their overall health. Many people with multiple missing teeth aim towards getting dentures. Although dentures used to be a great device in replacing the missing teeth, they are inferior to dental implants in both appearance and health aspects. Due to low price of dentures, many people have chosen dentures over implants, but one should consider the benefits associated with implants compared to dentures.

Unlike Implants, overtime usage of denture could lead to bone loss due to the pressure applied to the jaw. They also can cause discomfort and build up unpleasant odor. Unlike dentures, dental implants are one of the best ways in replacing the missing teeth and are easier to maintain.

Implant procedure is fairly simple. It involves placing a metal screw in the jaw bone, and attaching a crown which is an artificial tooth to the screw. The tooth will not move or slip and it is healthier for jaw bone and gums since the implant acts as an artificial root. Implants contain three separate parts in which once put together, they will replace the missing tooth. The main part is composed of a titanium screw which is  cylindrical and it will act as an artificial root by fusing to the jaw bone. Once the screw has been inserted into the jaw bone, it may take several weeks to completely fuse with the bone. After the fusion is completed, abutment which is the extension part of the implant will be connected to the screw. Upon the attachment of the abutment, a crown will be connected to the abutment and thus the entire implant process has been completed.

From start to finish, the entire procedure may take a few months to complete. Age is not a factor in determining the candidates in getting an implant treatment. However, the amount of available jaw bone is the major determinant for a good implant candidate.  Individuals interested in implant treatment should consider that not all dentists are trained to perform this type of procedure and they should seek an experienced dental professional for the treatment.

The implant process is a surgery and just like any surgery the success rate depends on the individual’s health and specifically the health of the tissues in the mouth. However, implants have a high success rate of approximately 97 percent. Although the implant treatment costs more than other types of treatments, however one should consider that implants last a lifetime. It should also be mentioned that several insurance carriers pay a portion of the treatment costs, while some private practices have different payment plan options to make the treatment easier to afford.